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April 02, 2008


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Ewan O'Leary

You are correct Kumar. Scaling is the key. I think it is interesting the extent to which marketing budgets are pointed in the green direction. But there are some business models which defy greening, and will go the way of the cartwright when we begin internalizing the current externalities - the cost of carbon emissions being one of them. I am curious to hear your take on any misperceptions you find, and how you overcome them using your methodology. For example, what carbon offsets are and how they work?

Kumar Venkat

Interestingly, I am finding that businessess that come to us for solutions are generally well-informed. They understand the basics about carbon emissions and footprints, so misperception hasn't been a big issue for us. We don't deal with the cost of carbon emissions or offsets, so I can't comment on that part -- we typically just provide the analytical tools/services to quantify and possibly improve carbon emissions in products and processes.

Brendan Dunphy

Yes Kumar, we need open, easy to access and use databases designed for small firms and others to make sourcing and other decisions much easier than it is today and not soley rely on bespoke consulting offerings such as the ones you offer (good as I am sure they are!). Maybe its time to move towards a standard via the web? Good blog, thanks, Brendan.

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