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July 12, 2011


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Sean Dodson

Hi Kumar,

I liked your data set in the EWG meat eaters guide the commercial beef data made sense based on the data set but I am having some trouble with the lamb data. Based on your data set I do not understand why lamb ranks so high. As a grazer that currently sells locally and uses best available environmental practices I 1. do not want to produce a product flagged so high outside the mean of regular animal based production and 2. am already loosing sales based on the report. I need to respond to my customer base and based on the current available data and your data set I don't understand why it is so high. Is there a publishable deeper data set? My hunch is it relates to breed and ration and the lowest cost production model of the survey group but I do not want to jump to conclusions. I just want to make things better.

Thanks in advance


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