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March 05, 2012


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Online Data Collection

Hi Thanks for Sharing this post.. I Looking for more post on online data collection. I also have site which provides online service for data collection from multiple sources, securely sharing and online collaboration. Ready online forms & excel like web database to update data plus email notification to act on data.

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Dank für das Teilen dieses Amt .. Ich Suche nach mehr Beitrag am Online-Datenerhebung. Ich habe auch vor Ort, die Online-Service bietet für die Datenerfassung aus mehreren Quellen..

Matias Sumiala

Data collected is really a good solution for it.In Finland many of data collection use to analyze to makes things understandable and able to solve this issue.Well this is such an good article that i learn a lot from this topic and i seen the importance of data collection in this kind of situation.

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